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Kurian Babykutty M’14

Kurian Babykutty M’14

Hometown: Kerala, India

Bio: Kurian Babykutty co-founded a telecom venture in his undergrad days and has never been able to live without a mobile phone ever since! After his startup days, Kurian worked for European software and telecom companies before he came to Babson. He is hoping to start his next venture before he leaves Babson's shores. Kurian has also performed on MTV India as a bass guitarist and was ranked as India's #9 mountain biker in 2010. His unforgettable moments include working in Sudan during the civil war and hence his greatest learning has been the skill to harness ability from adversity.

Concentration: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Interests: New venture creation, emotional design

Clubs/Organizations: Babson Marketing Club, Babson Entrepreneurship Club

Career Path: Software Engineer -> Business Development -> Entrepreneur  

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