Arts Delegates

Arts Delegates are critical to the creative vibrancy of campus. They are passionate and knowledgeable about the arts at Babson and the viral marketing partners of the Sorenson Center for the Arts. The responsibilities of an Arts Delegate include regularly communicating with the residence hall/constituency, serving as a resource on information on arts resources and activities on campus via social media and in-person inquiries, and networking with the Sorenson Center for the Arts. Learn more about applying to become an Arts Delegate.

Class of 2014

Emma Engelsman

Emma has been submerged in the arts for as long as she can remember. From singing in the car to the Oldies, to attending an annual summer play in Albany, to dance classes, to high school chorus. Now she has slimmed down her artistic focuses. She’s currently brushing up her acting chops with the Babson Players and sings any chance she can get away with it (much to her roommate’s dismay). And although creative writing has fallen to the wayside a bit, the back of every one of her notebooks has at least a few paragraphs scribbled in. Now Emma is starting to look to the future and trying to figure out where the arts will come in when it comes to her post-Babson world.

Class of 2015

Victoria Squire

I am Victoria Squire and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I have loved the arts since I was young, painting and sculpting clay as a child. As a daughter of a Drama and Latin teacher, I learned to cherish theatre, language, and art early in my life. As I reached high school I really became interested in photography, which eventually lead to my position as President of the Photography Club my senior year. I then combined my passions for photography and community service to create the Adelante Photography Workshop. I raised money to buy digital cameras for a group of children I had tutored for two years who were part of a Hispanic learning achievement program. I taught them how to use the cameras and then they took pictures of their own around their campus. I printed and matted their beautiful photographs and set up a display in their school. I am continuing my love for photography by taking a Photography class this upcoming Fall Semester. I am also interested in marketing and social media and I have been a Marketing Intern for the College Marketing Department at Babson during the past year.  In addition to my role as an Arts Delegate, I was the President of First Year Residence Hall Council and VP of Community Service for my FME business last year; an elected member of the 2015 Steering Committee, a Women’s Leadership Scholar, and the Sisterhood Chairman of Sigma Kappa Sorority.  

Solomon Zheng

I took classical piano lessons for a few years during elementary school. As my family moved from Fuzhou to Shanghai, and to Toronto, my priority started shifting towards assimilating new environments and becoming successful. It wasn’t until my senior year when I joined my high school wind ensemble that I began to realize how powerful music is in uniting people; as an ensemble, we had to constantly pay attention to each other, find out what’s missing in each other’s music, and complement these gaps with our own music. I was a first-time mallets player, but I tried my best. Because I was the only mallet percussionist in the band, I had the opportunity to try out different mallet instruments: marimba, glockenspiel, tubular bells, vibraphone, and xylophone. My efforts eventually paid off as I became one of the best mallet percussionists in years. Meanwhile, I started taking piano lessons again and was featured in my high school’s videos. As I entered Babson, I had in mind to pursue my passion for classical music in addition to concentrate in finance. I took music theory classes at Wellesley College and have been taking piano lessons from Professor Lois Shapiro, with whom I will be working on my honors thesis next year.

Class of 2016

Hanishka Gehani

Hi, my name is Hanishka Gehani and I am a rising Sophomore here at Bsbson. The arts have always been a driving force of inspiration and reflection in my life. I've taken several parts in them, either by being an initiator, performer, or spectator. I have been engaged in exploring various art forms such as: painting in oils and acrylic, charcoals, paper quilling to a fairly recently developed interest in photography. After being in several leadership positions on campus this past year, ranging from being a  co-COO in our FME business, a liaison to the core E-board on AMAN and being a part of the First Year Residence Hall Council, this experience will surely help be a great resource, along with my passion for the arts, to make my role as an Arts Delegate an effective one.

Sarah Noh

Sarah Noh was born into a family of musicians-pianists. Ever since she was young she has cultivated a love for all genres of music. She started playing the violin at the age of nine and the piano at the age of four. In the summer of 2011, she went to Bulgaria on a concert tour as a member of the prestigious Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra (PSYO) conducted by Maxim Eshkenazy. She has performed in the Zipper Hall of Colburn School of Music for two annual performances. Additionally, she has been chosen to premiere a composer’s, Chen Yi, piece. Alongside the violin and the piano, she enjoys singing whether it be singing with her sister playing the piano as accompaniment or jamming together with her friends.

Sarah brought her love of music to the Babson Campus and continued to be involved with music by joining the Babson Rocket Pitches A Cappella Group. Due to her passion and thorough understanding of music (such as music theory, etc) she is currently the Vice President of Marketing and Operations as well as the Alto Section leader. She helps lead practices and teaches the sections the music. Today, she enjoys singing with friends, playing her electric violin, and attending musicals.

Yundi (Wendy) Wang

Yundi Wang comes from Hangzhou, China. Although a science concentration student in high school, Yundi developed her interests in art as a portrait photographer by herself. As a big fan of anime for years, she took photos for cosplayers and has published a personal photography book about costume play. Also, as a cosplayer herself and a leader of the anime club, she planned and directed a cosplay drama for her school’s New Year party, which obtained Best Talent Awards. Then she began to explore other areas of the arts. Starting with making videos, she has shot and created several music videos for her friend who is a singer. Moreover, she is also interested in graphic design. She has designed the interface and logo of a new iPhone App for her FME business, and also she has created some posters for marketing campaign. As an Arts Delegate, Yundi is now passionate about the arts at Babson, looking forward to contribute to this creative community.

Lena Wu

Originally from New York City, Lena Wu has always been fascinated by the impact and business of arts. She displays a natural talent for the arts, though she has not particularly developed in any one medium. Rather, she is focused on critiquing the messages and visions of art. In middle school, she founded and ran her own non-profit organization with her twin (photographer) and donated hand-knitted goods and all profits to charities of choice. In high school, she did a number of awesome things: (1) took art and creative classes such as Intro to Acting, Basic Acrylic Painting, Intro to Ballroom Dancing, Creative Writing Workshop; (2) participated in her best friend’s Long Form Improv Club and video productions; (3) worked in a media company focusing on social media and Youtube; (4) worked for an architecture firm that does work for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Christian Dior, and (5) produced, directed, filmed, and edited a video for Toys by Teen’s Indiegogo and launched a social media campaign. Currently at Babson, she loves attending galleries and events, as well as helping with tech for several productions. She currently plays an ancient Chinese harp and takes ceramic classes. She is dabbling in tap dancing and digital photography. She also recently started coding, designing, and writing for her own personal website with a food critique blog. Other involvements on campus include: Assistant to the VP of Finance for SGA, VP of Communications in her FME business, Webmaster of Sigma Kappa sorority, and being a member of BAPSA, Babson Players, HKSA, and CSA. Additionally, she is working as assistant to Director of Institutional Research (Babson) and blog editor/consultant for Toys by Teens, LLC (NYC).