​Peer Career Ambassador Program

Peer Career Ambassadors (PCAs) are the student leaders supporting the Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD).

The PCAs serve as the student face of CCD setting the foundation as students explore the services CCD offers. They are trained to develop the skills and expertise needed to assist their peers with their career-related needs. The PCAs also are a crucial part of CCD’s efforts to promote services, program offerings, and the CCD brand across campus.

2017–2018 Peer Career Ambassadors

Calvin.jpgCalvin Wang '19
Calvin is a third year student from Los Angeles, CA. Calvin is a student supervisor at Horn Library and he is a Resident Assistant for Park Manor Central. Calvin is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, as well as Delta Tau Delta. In his free time, he likes to explore Boston, go to concerts, and play basketball.
Calvin is concentrating in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Over the summer, he worked as a Financial Analyst intern at CrowninShield Financial Research, a Boston based consulting firm. His professional goal is to work in asset management and eventually start his own investment firm.

Davele.jpg Davele Zephyr ‘19
Davele is a junior  from Queens, New York currently concentrating in Accounting and Strategic Management. Last summer, she interned at Pricewaterhouse Coopers as a Start Masters Tax Consulting Intern. In previous summer internships, she worked at law firms primarily doing data management and analytical work.  On campus, in addition to being a PCA, Davele is a Posse Scholar, CWEL Scholar, Resident Assistant, and a member of the Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness (SOCA) and the Black Student Union (BSU) student organizations. 

Davele describes herself to be very charismatic and driven, with that said, she is looking forward to assisting students with their career needs because she recognizes the importance of sculpting one’s career path from an early stage.  

Gyda.jpgGyda Sumadi ’18

Gyda is senior from the Greater Boston Area pursuing both finance and business analytics concentrations. Her on campus involvement includes her contribution as a Diversity Leadership Scholar, where she participates in leadership events to promote diversity and fostering of inclusive communities. She is also a Glavin Global Fellow; Babson sponsored her to conduct an independent research project, in Morocco, to study their entrepreneurial initiatives. Her extensive internship experiences include working for Dunkin Brands, Boston Scientific and Clarkston Consulting, in both finance and consulting roles. 

Gyda is passionate about career development, which was fostered early in her college career after participating in a career-focused First Year Seminar class. She has been a PCA since her sophomore year and enjoys sharing her passion with the younger student body. Gyda also has interest in languages: she speaks Arabic, and has taken courses in both Spanish and Mandarin. In her free time, she enjoys restaurant hopping, playing badminton, bowling and travelling. Lastly, she aspires to be an entrepreneur, and a life coach, where she desires to share her values of continuous self improvement

Ji_Hwan.jpgJi Hwan Kim ‘17
Ji Hwan is a senior from North Wales, Pennsylvania pursuing concentrations in Finance and Accounting. He is currently pursuing an early career in tax accounting and consulting and an ultimate career as a corporate attorney. His work experiences include serving as a legislative intern for Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13) and interning as a tax consulting intern for the Financial Services Industry team with Deloitte Tax. Upon graduating, Ji Hwan will return to Deloitte to begin his full-time job as a tax consultant for Hedge Funds.
At Babson, Ji Hwan serves as the VP of Finance for the SGA and as a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. Ji Hwan enjoys golfing, watch collecting, Philly sports, and spending time with friends.

Julian.png Julian Parra ‘20
Currently, Julian is a sophomore from Hawthorne, New Jersey and plans to concentrate in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Specifically, he is interested in Corporate Finance, Social Media Marketing, and Tech Entrepreneurship. Besides being a Peer Career Ambassador, Julian lives in CODEPlex (a special interest housing community located in Van Winkle Hall), is a Marketing Manager for Babson’s Community of Developers and Entrepreneurs (CODE) and is a member of the Latin American Student Organization (LASO). 
Julian is an optimistic individual and is excited to assist his fellow peers with their career development, show them the different opportunities that are around them, and ultimately help them achieve their career goals. In his free time, Julian enjoys playing guitar, practicing martial arts, and playing tennis.

linkedin headshot.jpg Michael Horbowy, '17 (December)
Mike is a senior from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA concentrating in finance. Upon graduating in December, he will join PwC as a consultant for consumer finance companies. He has further career interests in entrepreneurship and mortgage banking. Mike spent his junior year studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Outside of school and work, Mike played on Babson’s rugby team and is currently the Master or Rituals for Alpha Kappa Psi.

Shreya.png Shreya Shah ‘20
Shreya is a sophomore from Fremont, California who is interested in concentrating in Finance and T.E.D. (Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design). This past summer, Shreya served as a Project Coordinator for the Membership and Benefits Administration Strategic Consulting and Program Execution team at Kaiser Permanente, a large healthcare organization. She is passionate about the intersections between business and healthcare and the use of technology and innovation to make an impact in this field. She is also interested in Healthcare Investment Banking and Venture Capital and would love to explore different options to refine her interests.

Aside from serving as a Peer Career Ambassador, Shreya’s current involvements on campus include being a Resident Assistant at Coleman Hall, a choreographer for AMAN (South Asian Student Association), and a Kappa Kappa Gamma sister. In her free time, Shreya enjoys trying new things, eating new foods, traveling, dancing, hanging out with friends, and going to concerts. Shreya is driven to help her peers learn about the invaluable resources available at the Center for Career Development which will allow them to discover their interests and help them grow professionally. 

Sydney.jpg Sydney Huang ‘20
Sydney is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California, interested in concentrating in both Finance and Entrepreneurship. On campus, Sydney serves as the Vice President of Marketing of Alpha Kappa Psi as well as the Vice President of Finance of Babson Investment Club, and she was the Vice President of Marketing for Babson College Radio. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Babson Investment Banking Association. 
Sydney recently interned for a financial advisor group as well as a start-up where she gained experience in investments, life insurance, real estate, marketing, and customer management. Sydney has gained a lot from CCD and wishes to give back through her role as a Peer Career Ambassador.

Tommy.png Tommy Wang ‘20
Tommy is currently a sophomore Babson student from Beijing, China, who is planning to pursue concentrations in Accounting and Business Analytics. He is a member of the Babson Political Association and was a bookseller at the Babson Bookstore. As an incoming Peer Career Ambassador, he is thrilled to help his peers on their career developments. In his free time, he likes to spend time at the gym, collect rare coins, and watch films with friends. 

During the past summer, Tommy worked at the visa section of the British Embassy in Beijing. Apart from the duties at work, he participated in a number of political and social events. He also worked part-time with professional coin graders, where he gained insights on the numismatic markets and connections with elite coin dealers. 

Application Process

The PCA application is included in the Babson Community Leadership Application, along with all other student leadership positions on campus. The Community Leadership Application​ for 2018–2019 will open in November with a deadline in early February.


Email Lee Goldstein or the Peer Career Ambassadors​.

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