Externship Program

Consider providing a student with the opportunity to job-shadow for a day, or two, or three, during school breaks. An excellent way to preview and identify Babson talent early. The Externship Program, offered by the Undergraduate Center for Career Development, is a program designed primarily for first-year students at Babson. An externship or job shadowing experience generally last from 1-5 days in duration and is meant to provide students with an opportunity to observe professionals on the job and gain an understanding of a career, industry, organization, or function in an intimate, focused and informative environment. It also encourages students, alumni, and organizations to forge strong and valuable connections with each other in a shared experience. The externship program is not for academic credit and students are not compensated, but the experience will be greatly beneficial to both the students and host.

Benefit for Hosts

  • No Cost to Alumni or Organizations - Students provide their own housing and transportation and are NOT compensated for time spent with their hosting organizations.
  • A great internship recruiting tool - An externship provides you with the opportunity to meet and identify candidates early in the recruiting process for summer internship opportunities.
  • Exposure - Many students have misconceptions about career fields and organizations. They have no idea what a particular career job entails and they may have a passing understanding of most organizations outside of the name brands. An externship gives students the chance to develop a first-hand understanding and see for themselves what your organization is about.
  • Giving Back - A great way to give back to the Babson College is with your time and experience. An externship provides you with an opportunity to make a non-monetary contribution to the college.

Benefits for Students

  • Develop a more refined and realistic understanding of their career goals
  • Shadow a professional "in action" and ask question regarding processes, procedures, and functions
  • Clarify questions that they may have about a particular field of interest
  • Encourage networking and mentor relationships
  • Question and test assumptions about a function or process
  • Be more attune to what they can expect in a possible career track.

For more information or to volunteer as a Externship host, please contact Arline MacCormack at 781-239-4003 or amaccormack@babson.edu.

I did a one day externship at a non-profit in Michigan. I loved the short term experience where I could learn as much as possible in a day. The CEO was very inspiring and I learned many lessons from him.”

– Kelly Hoover '14