Application Process

Information Meetings

All interested students must attend one of the information meetings held in October and March. Students interested in participating in a Fall MCFE need to attend the March information meeting while students interested in the Spring MCFE must attend the October meeting. At these meetings, all available MCFE projects for the following semester will be presented and students will subsequently be able to submit an online application with attached résumé and sign up for an interview. The MCFE Office will discuss the interview and selection process and all other necessary information. At the information meeting, the MCFE office will bring in past sponsor organizations as well as students from prior projects to provide you with additional information on the organization and the project.


Interested students must follow these steps to complete the application process. Please note that you must have an electronic copy of your résumé available before you begin the process. Please ask a faculty member if they would be willing to complete a very brief survey as a recommendation for you, and decide if you will be applying as a team or an individual before you begin the application process. To apply to MCFE:
    • Logon to the Student Portal, Forms, Select 'UG MCFE,' 'UG MCFE Application'
    •  Fill out the UG MCFE Application
    • Identify project preferences (see catalog for project descriptions)
    • Attach résumé and indicate a faculty reference 

Go to Babson Career Connections and schedule an appointment with Arline MacCormack.  Pre-formed teams should choose a time that works for the whole team.


All interested students must sign up for an interview. Interviews generally last 20 minutes and are held with the Program Manager. If students are applying as a team, a group interview is held with the Program Manager. However, students are accepted or declined to the program as individuals, even if applying as a team. Students must supply a current résumé and college transcript prior to the interview.


Accepted students will receive an email informing them of their status in the MCFE program. Notices are sent out prior to the holiday break in December for the Spring semester and prior to finals in May for the Fall semester. Students are accepted, denied, or wait-listed to the MCFE program. Accepted students will have to fill out an add/drop form and sign the acceptance letter. Once a student has accepted a MCFE project, it cannot be dropped. Other situations will be handled on an individual basis.