Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for MCFE?
The MCFE process does not fall in sync with the overall registration process. Students who are interested in a MCFE project must register for a full load of courses, excluding the MCFE. Students can not register for a MCFE without being accepted to the program. Once a student is accepted to a MCFE project, we will drop your course of choice and add the MCFE course in its place. The MCFE is a 4-credit Management Elective course.

What if I’m planning to study abroad?
Students who choose to study abroad for a semester and are not able to attend or participate in the MCFE process must complete the application and schedule a skype/phone interview with Arline MacCormack through Babson Career Connections.

How are students selected?
Student selection is based on academic performance, faculty recommendation, willingness to work as a team member, and individual strengths relative to the project. Additional selection criteria include initiative, leadership, responsibility, and reliability.

How are the MCFE teams structured?
Each team is assigned a company supervisor and a Project Leader. The Project Leader, an MBA student, provides technical support and guidance to the student team. The company supervisor provides supervision and assistance with the coordination of team and company communication and logistics.

Do students get to choose their own teams?
Students have the option to apply individually or as a team. If the students apply as a team that does not necessarily mean that all students will be accepted to the MCFE program. The Program Manager puts students who apply individually into groups. Students are informed about their teams and projects prior to registering for the MCFE Program.

Can students select their own projects?
All students give their top three choices. The projects are assigned to teams based on the skill set of each team.

Who will grade me?
The Project Leader with the supervision of the faculty member will assign your final grade. Grades are assigned on an individual basis.

What types of projects are offered in the MCFE program?
The MCFE program offers projects in marketing, management, strategy and finance. MCFE sponsors also have included Fortune 500 companies, established growing companies and privately held firms. Projects deal with current concerns of sponsor companies in one or more functional areas. Typical consulting areas include: marketing plan development, business development, brand management, benchmark/competitive analysis, marketing strategy/analysis, Internet-related projects, as well as many others.

What is The Shelby Cullom Davis Entrepreneurship Prize?
The prize is a cash award to be presented annually in the spring to the undergraduate student team that completes the most successful Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) project for a nonprofit organization. The award is divided among the students.

What sponsor companies have students recently worked with on MCFE projects?
Below is a list of previous sponsors:
Puma​ ​Highland Capitol Partners ​Harmon International
​Bay State Games ​Touch Tunes ​Clarkston Consulting
​PricewaterhouseCoopers ​AXA Equitable


​Middlesex Bank ​Boston Bruins Foundation ​Emack & Bolio's
The Nature Conservatory​ ​Fortistar ​Gemvara
​Tin Roof ​Wolfgang Puck ​Troon Golf
​Focus on Tanzanian Communities ​Lemonade Day Boston ​Hanover Insurance