Hear from undergraduate students, graduate project managers, and company participants.

I found the perspective of the MCFE team to be insightful.  Their work was well organized, and professionally presented.  I'd consider sponsoring another project in the future.
-Deirdre Leid, Harman International
The Babson MCFE program gave our company the type of cutting edge, 21st century input needed to design our youth entrepreneurship strategy.
-Maggi Alexander, ImagineNations
Our Babson team truly exceeded our expectations. The students were able to find a solution to a problem we've been trying to solve for years, and we're excited to implement their recommendations into our daily business practices.
-Jackie Williams, Newgrange Design
The MCFE project teams have consistently created significant value for PUMA SE and the relationship with Babson College has been a fruitful and mutually agreeable partnership that PUMA SE would very much like to continue.
-Louis Joseph, Puma SE
Babson students continue to set a high bar for effort and results in the MCFE program.  Their work on the biosimilars market evaluation will be directly relevant to helping us serve the needs of our life sciences clients in 2013.  Great job team and thank you for your support.
-Joseph D'Ambrosio, Clarkston Consulting
The MCFE provided a hands-on learning experience of how to lead a team while engaging with a client. I was able to develop leadership and consulting skills, in a controlled environment, with support from my professors and peers.  I would strongly recommend that MBA students develop these skills before they go back into their careers
-Janae Bourgeois, MBA Project Leader
MCFE is one of those experiences that you can talk about to your potential employers and colleagues years after the course is over. It not only exposed me to ups and downs of the consulting world, but it also showed me the relationships you can build when you have an amazing team moving towards a uniform goal.
-Elena Ruan, Undergraduate Team Member
I learned a considerable amount from my MCFE experience. I entered the program with the expectation that I would learn about my own interpersonal skills, how to better work in a team, and how to better communicate with a client while experiencing for the first time a semester long, professional consulting project. Every goal and expectation I had for the semester was surpassed in this marathon of a project. 
-Joshua Bennett, Undergraduate Team Member
MCFE is an experience every student at Babson should apply for; it goes beyond the boundaries of what you would learn in any class. You really get to know your strengths and weaknesses in a business and personal sense. 
-Grace Cha, Undergraduate Team Member