The Davis Prize

The Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation has provided a $100,000 endowment to Babson College to encourage the application of entrepreneurship to nonprofit organizations.

The Foundation established in 1962 was named for the late Shelby Cullom Davis, former United States ambassador to Switzerland, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman of the oldest and largest company specializing in insurance securities.

The endowment will fund The Shelby Cullom Davis Entrepreneurship Prize, a $3,000 cash award to be presented annually during Babson’s Founder’s Day to the undergraduate student team or individual that completes the most successful Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) or Entrepreneurial Field Study project for a nonprofit organization.

Babson students competing for the award will receive mentoring support from graduate students who have faced complex business problems. Winners will be judged on different project attributes including their project's risk-taking, objectivity, persistence, vision, and feasibility in the marketplace.