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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Standards at Babson

Q: What is the Honor Code?

A: The Babson College Undergraduate Honor Code serves as a beacon to inspire and reinforce your ethical decision making across campus by creating in you a sense of moral responsibility in this community. Babson Motto: “As a member of Babson’s Community of Honor, I pledge to be true to my work, my word, and my friend.”

Q: What areas of College life does the Honor Code cover?

A: The Honor Code is all encompassing. It covers both the academic and social lives of undergraduate students.

Q: What is the Honor Code Pledge?

A: “I pledge my honor that I have neither received nor provided any unauthorized assistance during the completion of this work.”

Q: What happens if I witness someone being academically dishonest, am I obligated to report?

A: You have the obligation to act. Your obligation can be fulfilled by speaking with the student in question, speaking with a faculty or staff member about your concerns, or using the anonymous reporting system if you feel more comfortable. Please see the Report a Violation for more information.

Q: What is the Honor Code Offense Anonymous Report Form?

A: The Anonymous Report Form​ is a secure and anonymous way to send an e-mail to the current Honor Board. This email address serves as a way for students to have another form of communication in a way that could make them feel more comfortable with their obligation to act. Any emails that are received are taken very seriously and will start an investigation into the allegation to determine whether there has been a violation of the Honor Code.

​​​​Q: I want to report a violation, what should I do?

​A: Students have several options for reporting a violation. These options are available on the Report a Violation​ page of the Community Standards website.