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Undergraduate Honor Code

The Honor Code i​s comprehensive and its philosophies apply to all of your behavior and decision making at the College, both inside and outside the classroom.

As an active and engaged member of Babson’s Community ​of Honor, you are expected to act with integrity. Your actions, behaviors, and decision making should demonstrate reflection and support for the five guiding principles set forth in the Code’s Five Pillars of Integrity: honesty, respect, trust, fairness, and ownership. At Babson:


Honesty is truthfulness in all that we do and say, including clear attribution for others’ thoughts and ideas.


Respect is showing sincere consideration and appreciation for individuals and the differences among them.


Trust is the ability to believe in the integrity and reliability of others.


Fairness is actively ensuring that everyone has access to the same opportunities and community resources.


Ownership is taking pride in and responsibility for one’s actions and authorship, and having the courage to compel others to do the same.

How will you know if your behaviors, actions, and decision making support the Code?

The Code challenges you to take leadership and responsibility for your own self-evaluation by asking you to reflect on two central questions before choosing to act:

  1. Am I being true to my work, my word, and my friend?

  2. Do my actions demonstrate my commitment to Babson’s Community of Honor and the Code’s Five Pillars of Integrity?

  • Honesty: Am I being true to myself and others?

  • Respect: Do my actions reflect my appreciation and consideration for differences among members of this community?

  • Trust: Do my actions promote an atmosphere of openness and mutual understanding?

  • Fairness: Do my actions maintain a fair and level playing field?

  • Ownership: Do I take responsibility for my actions and the actions of others?​​