Report a Violation

As a member of our community, you are expected to feel a sense of duty and obligation to confront ethical dilemmas and to take some action, even if it means not officially reporting it through the disciplinary processes. There are multiple avenues for confronting ethical dilemmas, and it is the community’s expectation that you will choose one of them. If you choose to formally report a violation, you may do so in the following ways:

Faculty and Academic Integrity Violations

Please email a report to Colleen Ryan, the Assistant Dean of Community Standards. Your report should include the following:

  • Student name

  • Incident date

  • Incident location

  • Incident details

  • Name of the course and course number

Please answer the question "Have you addressed this issue with the student(s), and if so how did the student(s) respond?" Please also attach any supporting documents, such as a syllabus, copies of the assignment or exam, safeassign report if applicable, and any other documents that support your report. 

Please consult the AHI FAQs for Faculty.pdf to better understand how to report a violation and how the process works. You may also contact Colleen Ryan at or Jaclyn Calovine at with any questions.

Students, Staff, and Community Members

Students, staff, and community members have several ways of reporting a violation. To anonymously report a violation, persons may utilize the Anonymous Report Form or call the Public Safety anonymous tip line: 781-237-8164.

Persons wishing to report a violation directly may do so by contacting the Assistant Dean of Community Standards, Colleen Ryan at 781-239-6344 or the Chief of Police Jim Pollard. In your email, please include the following: student name, incident date, incident location, and incident details. 

The Office of Community Standards and the Department of Public Safety take these submissions very seriously, and any emails that are received will start an investigation into the allegation to determine whether there has been a violation of Babson's Community Standards.​​​​​​​​