Confidential Resources

The following resources are not required to report any information about an incident to the Title IX Coordinator or others at the College without permission of the person(s) who shared that information with them.  Contact information for these confidential resources follows below:
  • The physicians and nurse practitioners in Health Services, on the first floor of Hollister Hall. Health Services can be reached by calling 1-781-239-6363 or students can make an appointment online at
  • Babson Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is located in the Wellness Center, which is part of the Park Manor South Annex. Clinicians are on-campus Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00-4:30pm to consult with students on a wide range of issues and concerns. Students can make an appointment by visiting the Wellness Center during business hours. Questions? Call at 781-239-6200 during business hours or email 
  • Ordained chaplains in the Office of Faith and Service located in the Glavin Chapel, who can be contacted by calling 781-239-5623
    • Aaron Reid- Undergraduate Christian Chaplain
    • Bilal Mirza- Muslim Chaplain
    • Neal Gold-Jewish Chaplain
    • Marianne Smith- Graduate Christian Chaplain
    • Jenny Rankin- Ecumenical Chaplain
    • Crista Mahoney- Catholic Chaplain
The following resources can generally talk to individuals without revealing to the Title IX Coordinator or others at the College personally identifiable information about incidents disclosed to them. Therefore, individuals can generally seek assistance and support from these individuals without triggering a College investigation. 

While maintaining an individual’s confidentiality, these individuals or their office may report the nature, date, time, and general location of an incident to the Title IX Coordinator. This limited report – which does not include information that would directly or indirectly identify the individual – helps keep the Title IX Coordinator informed of the general extent and nature of sexual misconduct on and off campus so the Coordinator can track patterns, evaluate the scope of the problem, and formulate appropriate campus-wide responses. Before reporting any information to the Title IX Coordinator, these individuals will consult with the individual to ensure that personally identifying details are not shared with the Title IX Coordinator.

Babson College SAFE HOTLINE:
  • The SAFE Hotline is a Babson-specific rape crisis hotline that can be accessed by students 24/7/365. The hotline is staffed by trained advocates who are ready to help survivors, friends, or campus partners. The SAFE Hotline is answered in the office on weekdays between 8:30am-4:30pm and is then transferred to staff member when the office is closed. 
  • The SAFE Hotline is available to help students’ access services at any hour without barrier. If you, or a friend or loved one, needs confidential on-call assistance, please do not hesitate to call 781-239-7233 (SAFE) or xSAFE from an on-campus landline. 
  • While the Director of Wellness and Prevention Services will closely monitor the line and is committed to prompt response, there is a possibility that a call may be missed. If this happens, please leave a message with a safe phone number for a staff member from Babson’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services (SAPRS) to reach you as soon as possible. 
  • Remember, leaving a voicemail with contact information is the only way that SAPRS can respond to your call appropriately. 

Contact information for other confidential resources follows below:
  • Director of Wellness and Prevention Services (Ashleigh Hala), 781-239-5201
    • Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services staff
    • Wellness and Prevention Services Staff
  • Assistant Director of Faith and Service (Denicia Ratley), 781-239-5969
  • Campus Chaplains in the Office of Faith and Service, Glavin Chapel, 781-239-5623:
  • The administrative assistants (professional staff members) who work in Health Services and in the Wellness Center
    • Wellness Center, 781-239-5200
    • Health Services, 781-239-6363

An individual who speaks to any of the confidential resources above must understand that, if the individual wants to maintain confidentiality and/or privacy, the College may be unable to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the respondent. Accordingly, the scope of the available remedies, including interim measures may be limited. Nevertheless, confidential resources may still assist the individual in receiving other necessary protection and support, such as victim advocacy, academic support or accommodations, disability, health or mental health services, and changes to living, working or course schedules.

An individual who initially requests confidentiality may later decide to file a complaint with the College or report the incident to local law enforcement, and thus have the incident fully investigated.
NOTE: While resources designated as confidential in this Policy may maintain confidentiality vis-à-vis the College (i.e., they will not provide information to the College that is disclosed to them in confidence), they may have reporting or other obligations under applicable law. These may include making reports to governmental agencies in cases involving minors, persons with disabilities and the elderly; a requirement to provide testimony in response to a subpoena or court order; or where the individual is at risk of imminent harm to self or others.