Religious Holidays & Holy Days

The Office Faith and Service at Babson College strive to support our students, staff and faculty practice their faith and participate in their religious holiday/ holy days.

The list below is not exhaustive; it includes major holidays of most religions practiced at Babson but by no means are all religions represented. Please let our office know immediately if your religion is not represented or if we have any dates incorrect.


This calendar is created to help the Babson community more aware of the 2017-2018 religious holidays and to make accommodations as they see fit for holidays that require food and work restrictions.  We have highlighted all holidays that may affect students, faculty and staff.

*Please note that the Islamic Calendar is lunar -- dates are flexible and change depending on the location of the moon.

8/20The Day of ArafatIslamFood Restrictions
8/22 – 8/25Eid-al-AdhaIslamSpecial Worship
9/3Kishna JanmashtamiHinduSpecial Worship
9/6 – 9/14Paryushana ParvaJainSpecial Worship
9/9 -9/11Rosh HashanahJudaismWork Restrictions
9/12Fast of GedaliahJudaismFood Restrictions
9/12 - 9/23Ganesh ChaturthiHinduSpecial Worship
9/18 -9/19Yom KippurJudaismFood/Work Restrictions
9/20 – 9/21AshuraIslamFood Restrictions
9/21 – 9/29MabonPaganSpecial Worship
9/23 – 9/30SukkotJudaismSpecial Worship
9/26 – 9/29Sukkot - Intermediate DaysJudaismSpecial Worship
10/10-10/18Sharad NavratriHinduismSpecial Worship
10/19DusserhaHinduismWork Restrictions
10/1- 10/2Shemini Atzeret/Simchat TorahJudaismWork Restrictions
11/1All Saints' DayCatholicSpecial Worship
11/7Diwali (5 days)Sikh/Hinduism/JainSpecial Worship
11/8 – 11/9Birth of the BabBaha'i'Work Restrictions
11/9 – 11/10Birth of Baha'u'llahBaha'iWork Restrictions
11/20 – 11/21Birth of Muhammad, Mawlid-an-NabiIslamSpecial Worship
11/23Guru Nanak's BirthdaySikhSpecial Worship
12/2First Sunday of AdventChristianSpecial Worship
12/8Immaculate ConceptionRoman CatholicSpecial Worship
12/12Our Lady of GuadalupeRoman CatholicSpecial Worship
12/2-12/10HanukkahJudaismSpecial Worship
12/18Fast of the 10th of TevetJudaismFood Restrictions
12/21 – 1/1YulePaganSpecial Worship
12/23Joseph Smith's BirthdayCJCLDS (Mormon)Special Worship
12/25ChristmasChristianSpecial Worship
12/26 - 1/01KwanzaAfrican HeritageSpecial Worship
1/1Solemnity of MaryRoman CatholicSpecial Worship
1/6EpiphanyChristianSpecial Worship
1/13Bodhi DayBuddhismSpecial Worship
1/15 – 1/18PongalHinduSpecial Worship
1/20 – 1/21Tu B'ShvatJudaismSpecial Worship
2/5Chinese New Year



Special Worship
2/15Nirvana DayBuddhism, Jainism & SikhSpecial Worship
3/4ShiavaratiHinduismSpecial Worship
3/6Ash Wednesday (Start of Lent)ChristianSpecial Worship
3/11Clean MondayChristian Special Worship
3/20Fast of EstherJudaismFood Restrictions
3/20 – 3/21PurimJudaismSpecial Worship
3/20 – 3/21HoliHinduismSpecial Worship
3/1 – 3/20The 19 Day FastBaha'iFood Restrictions
3/20 – 3/21Naw Ruz (New Year's Day)Bah'l'/ZoroastrianWork Restrictions
4/8VesakBuddhismSpecial Worship
4/14Palm SundayChristianSpecial Worship
4/14BaisakhiHindu New Year/SikhSpecial Celebration
4/18Holy ThursdayChristianSpecial Worship
4/19Good FridayChristianSpecial Worship
4/19 - 4/27PassoverJudaismSpecial Worship/Mourning
4/20Holy SaturdayChristianSpecial Worship
4/20First day of RidvanBaha'i''Work Restrictions
Special Worship
4/21 – 4/24Passover Immediate DaysJudaismSpecial Worship/Food Restrictions
4/25 – 4/27End of PassoverJudaismWork/Food Restrictions/Special Worship
4/26Holy FridayChristian OrthodoxSpecial Worship
4/28EasterChristian OrthodoxSpecial Worship
4/28 - 29Ninth Day of RidvanBaha'i''Work Restrictions
5/1BeltanePaganSpecial Worship
5/1 – 5/2Twelfth day of RidvanHindu New Year/ SikhSpecial Celebration
5/8 – 5/9Yom HaatzmautJudaismSpecial Celebration
5/22 – 5/23Lag B'OmerJudaismSpecial Worship
5/30Ascension of the LordChristian/OrthodoxSpecial Worship
5/23 - 24Declaration of BabBaha'i''Work Restrictions
5/5First Night of RamadanIslamSpecial Worship
Ramadan (first fast)IslamWork Restrictions
5/ 29Ascension of the Baha'u'llahBaha'iWork Restrictions
Ramadan (daily fasts)IslamWork Restrictions
6/5Eid al-FitrIslamSpecial Worship