Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

FAQ forthcoming.

Application Questions

FAQ forthcoming.

Passport and Visa Questions

Do I need a passport/visa?

It is the responsibility of each student to secure their passport and visa, as well as any transit visas (if applicable) for the Global Entrepreneurship Experience.

The Glavin Office will provide travel-specific information to assist students in completing their visa application process. The most updated information should be obtained through the destination country’s consulate office. Given the number of course participants, the Glavin Office is unable to process student visa applications. NOTE: Passports must be valid six months post travel.

What if my passport is expired when I apply?

Once you are placed in a course, you will be required to submit a copy of your passport. At that time, you will need to let your assigned program manager know when you expect to receive your renewed passport. You cannot travel with the course if this information is not received by the Glavin Office, so once you receive your renewed passport, it is your responsibility to return to your Education Abroad application and complete the questionnaire.

Housing Questions

Can I choose my roommate?

Yes. You are responsible for selecting a roommate. Your program manager has provided a list of course participants and their contact information to assist you. Students traveling on the Global Entrepreneurship Experience are housed in double rooms based on the same gender/gender identity.* As part of the roommate selection process, we ask you to please specify your gender identity (e.g. female, gender nonbinary, genderqueer, male, trans female, trans male, etc.). It is VERY IMPORTANT that you confirm with the person you are selecting as a roommate prior to submitting your selection as they also MUST submit you as their roommate.

Can I stay with family or friends or find my own housing in the destination country during the course?

No. The Global Entrepreneurship Experience is an academic course and due to the complexities in managing the group abroad, all students must stay in the course accommodations.

May I bring my spouse / partner / relative / friend on the course?

No. The Global Entrepreneurship Experience is an intensive academic program and cannot accommodate additional, noncourse participants.

Financial Questions

What is covered by my tuition?

Your tuition includes the following program-related costs: international airfare, accommodations, breakfast, ground transportation, program planned meals, and cultural excursions.

What is not covered by my tuition?

Your tuition does not include the following program-related costs: visa costs and additional meals and personal expenses (estimates can be found on individual course brochure pages).