Sexual Health

Health Promotion and Health Services staff are available to answer sexual health questions, provide condom demonstrations, and educate on sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy prevention, and other issues related to sexual health and wellbeing.​ To request a sexual health consultation, please email Ryan Travia.

Free Safer Sex Supplies

Health Promotion staff provide free safer sex supplies in multiple locations around campus. All of these supplies are available free-of-charge to Babson students. Both external and internal condoms, as well as dental dams and lube, are available at the following locations.

  • Wellness Center (Park Manor South)
  • Health Services (Hollister Hall)
  • Health Promotion (Reynolds Main Street 137)

The biggest selection of different safer sex products (sizes, shapes, colors, flavors, brands, etc.) can be found in the Health Promotion office.

Some students may prefer to pick up safer sex products at POW Office hours in the Health Promotion Office. The Peers on Wellness (POWs) provide a welcoming and friendly environment to ask questions about sexual health.

Condom dispensers can also be found outside of Health Services, in Reynolds Campus Center bathrooms (1st and 2nd floor) and in the restrooms at Roger’s Pub.

Health ServicesRoger's Pub CD.jpg
Health Services ​Roger’s Pub​

Educational Programs & Trainings

Health Promotion staff are excited to work with you to deliver a program/training that best meets your needs. We are happy to adapt an existing program, or create a custom/new program per request.

Please email Ryan Travia to request a program or training.

Sexual Health 101

What are dental dams? Who needs to use condoms? Can I catch an STD from hand stuff? This workshop covers safer sex practices and products to prevent STD transmission and pregnancy, as well as sexual health resources on campus and in the Boston area.

Cultivating a Healthy Sexuality

Am I ready for sex? What kind of sexual relationships do I want? Do my behaviors align with my values? This inclusive, affirming and interactive workshop invites participants to explore their individual feelings, values, preferences, and boundaries regarding their sexual selves.