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Small Talk With Anthony Carrino

Anthony Carrino ’01

Funny how life circles around sometimes. Growing up, Anthony Carrino ’01 often worked construction. Commercial, residential, family-home renovations. But he came to Babson for business. He started a Web development company, interned at an advertising agency, sold software, then joined his father’s import/export business of Italian products. When those margins disappeared, the two turned to what they knew—construction. Now Carrino runs Brunelleschi Construction and stars with his co-worker and cousin, John Colaneri, in HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins.

What was Brunelleschi’s first project? 

We bought a brownstone and spent 12 months building it out. We had our ups and downs, but in the end it came out nicely and sold out rather quickly. And we saw a nice margin on it. My dad and I looked at each other like, I guess this is our next business.

How did you hook up with HGTV? 

A friend of ours said, “You guys need an HGTV show.” We thought she was out of her mind. But she followed us around for a day with my Flip cam and cold-called the production company. They liked us and followed us for a day. We didn’t hear anything for 10 months. Then HGTV called and said, “Are you ready to make a pilot?” I think my eyes popped out of my head.

Who inspires you? 

My dad has had his own business since the day I was born. To start your own company when your first child is born, you have to be pretty confident and determined. We hit heads in business, but he has taught me all my resolve. It’s definitely him.

Favorite Italian meal? 

A pasta in Florence—spaghetti ubriaco, translated to drunk spaghetti. It’s boiled in red wine and seasoned with olive oil and garlic.

Biggest failure? 

I thought at the time it was my first job in software sales. I didn’t get along with my boss and left. But it turned out to be a real catalyst moment for me. If I got stuck in that rut, I would have never dug deep. I saw the money as a graduating senior and was impressed. But you have to measure your quality-of-life decisions as much as the money.

Favorite hobby? 

I’m a motorcycle fanatic. Give me a three-day weekend and a tent, and I’m gone.

Best advice? 

“It’s the ride,” from an old BMW motorcycle traveler I met at a bar. Enjoy what you are doing, when you are doing it. Want the struggle. Want the accomplishment. I don’t know if he meant it that way, but it’s how I have translated that simple piece of advice into my life.

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