Principles Of Finance

FIN2000 Finance

4 Intermediate Management Credits

**Students who took SME2021 cannot take this course as they are equivalent.**

FIN 2000 Principles of Finance helps students understand the role of Finance in the management of business ventures and in their daily lives. Effective financial management, whether performed by the general manager in a small business, or by the finance organization in a large corporation, is necessary for ventures to succeed and grow. A successful financial manager must have skills, tools, and perspectives in many areas, including valuation of stocks and bonds, capital budgeting, investment risk and return, the cost of investor-supplied capital, and capital structure. A successful financial manager also must appreciate the key characteristics of a venture - including its products, services, market position, and purpose - and the economic and social environment in which the venture operates. Accordingly, this course links financial analysis and decision-making to critical contextual factors, allowing students to understand the part played by Finance in the overall impact of ventures. Throughout the topic coverage, connections between managerial Finance and personal Finance are recognized and explored, facilitating development of essential financial literacy capabilities. Competency will be developed through readings, lectures, class discussions, and exercises.

Prerequisites: ACC1000 AND AQM1000

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Finance
  • Level: Intermediate Management (UGrad)
  • Course Number: FIN2000
  • Number of Credits: 4