Alt Finance In 21st Century

SEN1308 Alternative Finance in the 21st Century; Islamic Finance, Microfinance and Socially Responsible Investing

(Senior Instructor: Ryan Diplock) You may be interested in finance, but did you know:
- As of today, over $2 trillion of assets are under management by over 300 banks and 250 mutual funds that are "Sharia Compliant" (15% of the world's total invested assets)?
- A concept pioneered less than 30 years ago to help raise families out of poverty now impacts the lives of 80 million borrowers worldwide?
- $3.74 trillion in assets currently sit in socially screened investment funds?

Islamic Finance, Micro Finance, and Socially Responsible Investing are all projected to grow at annualized rates of 15-20% over the next decade. This seminar will delve deeply into the principles of all three types of alternative finance, teaching the basics and exploring the controversies in each field. Group discussions will be augmented with guest speakers from each of the three industries, and in-class competitions. Winners of each competition will be entitled to a free lunch or dinner with the guest speaker for that particular topic. If you are interested in learning how Islamic finance gets around interest rates and the derivatives market, how microfinance has become so successful despite political headwinds, or how socially responsible investing is impacting the greater business community this seminar is for you.

Course Schedule:
Class 1 - Tuesday, January 27
Class 2 - Tuesday, February 3
Class 3 - Tuesday, February 10
Class 4 - Wednesday, February 18 (as February 17 is a Babson Monday)
Class 5 - Tuesday, February 24
Class 6 - Senior Seminar Showcase: Tuesday evening, 3/3 or Friday afternoon, 3/6. Details to be confirmed by first day of class.

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Other
  • Course Number: SEN1308
  • Number of Credits: 0