Advanced Excel And Personal Investing

SEN1310 Advanced Excel & VBA through Personal Investing

(Senior Instructor: Dineth Siriwardane) This course will serve to teach students useful technical skills, which they will practice by exploring a variety of personal investing strategies.

Advanced Excel through Personal Investing will introduce students to concepts applicable to personal investing such as technical, fundamental and comparative analyses. Simultaneously, students will learn advanced Excel functions such as VLOOKUPS, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, INDEX MATCHES and OFFSETS as well as basic VBA commands. While these skills will be applied to personal investing in this course, they are also transferrable to multiple situations in the work world.
Overall, this course aims to teach students two distinct yet complementary skills-personal investing and Excel. By the end of the class, students will have created a comprehensive template for personal investing, derived from the skills learned in this course.

Course Schedule:
Class 1 - Tuesday, January 27
Class 2 - Tuesday, February 3
Class 3 - Tuesday, February 10
Class 4 - Wednesday, February 18 (as February 17 is a Babson Monday)
Class 5 - Tuesday, February 24
Class 6 - Senior Seminar Showcase: Tuesday evening, 3/3 or Friday afternoon, 3/6. Details to be confirmed by first day of class.

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Other
  • Course Number: SEN1310
  • Number of Credits: 0