By Design

SEN1313 By Design

(Senior Instructor: Gabe Diaz-Barriga) The natural world (governed by chance) stands in contrast to the built environment (governed by design). In this entry-level course, we will seek to better understand design by comparing some of the many competing definitions of the word. We will go beyond "the way things look" to examine "why things work in that way" and even consider "the way things ought to be." Next, we will apply human-centered design (a set of methods and a mindset) to a central design challenge: How might we improve the Babson student experience? In small teams, we will use the tools and techniques pioneered by leading practitioners like IDEO and the at Stanford to wrestle with this question and produce solutions.

Course Schedule:
Class 1 - Wednesday, January 27
Class 2 - Wednesday, February 3
Class 3 - Wednesday, February 10
Class 4 - Wednesday, February 17
Class 5 - Wednesday, February 24
Class 6 - Senior Seminar Showcase: Tuesday or Wednesday evening, 3/1 or 3/2. Details to be confirmed by first day of class.

  • Program: Undergraduate
  • Division: Other
  • Course Number: SEN1313
  • Number of Credits: 0