Headshot of Farah Bernier MBA'08, an image of an African American woman smiling with her arms crossed

Farah Bernier MBA’08

Keynote Speaker

Featured Keynote Speaker: Farah Bernier MBA‘08

As the keynote speaker, alumna Farah Bernier MBA'08 will bring to light the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Farah is an experienced corporate Talent Leader, currently working as an Executive Human Resources Business Partner for Google’s Global Professional Services Organization. In this capacity, she is responsible for leading the integration of diversity and inclusion best practices into the business through partnership with Google’s leadership teams, evaluating and developing effective strategies for recruiting, developing, retaining, and advancing a diverse and representative workforce. Prior to this role, Farah consistently leveraged her expertise in the areas of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, and Personal Branding to contribute to the talent management strategy of various Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries, ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives.

Farah has built a professional brand of distinguished credibility and expertise in developing talent management strategies that extend seamlessly into best practices.  Her recommendations have led to measurable impact tied to diversity and inclusion and enabling corporate cultures where all have the opportunity to succeed and leaders are supported to execute bottom-line, results-focused strategies through their best resources, their teams.

Farah is also the Founder & Principal Coach of Living Fabulously Fierce, a coaching company prioritizing partnership with individuals committed to living with A.I.M.—Authenticity, Intention, and Masterful Execution.  It is through her company that she reinforces the principles of personal brand building with her Bernier Brand Building model of Self-Discovery, Self-Definition, and Self-Distinction to position her clients to proactively lead lives that they are most proud of.  In her coaching capacity, she has been recognized for her work on branding, talent management, diversity and inclusion, her various speaking engagements, and her podcast of the same name.

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