​​Safe Zone And Gender Expansive Training

What Is Safe Zone Training?

Safe Zone is a training program for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning and diverse gender identities/sexualities community. This engaging and interactive training is presented by LGBTQ* trained Babson Community members. Participation in this training will allow participants to receive a Safe Zone sticker to identify yourself as a Safe Zone.

What Is Gender Expansive Training?

Gender Expansive training is the second addition to the Safe Zone training. It discusses trans identities and the gender binary, how it’s everywhere, ways it impacts people, and best practices to create a more supportive and gender inclusive community.


Safe Zone Training Topics

  • LGBTQ* Urgency and Education
  • Common Language/Terminology
  • Beyond the Gender Binary Exercise
  • How to Provide Support/Be an Ally
  • Resources and Best Practices

Gender Expansive Training Topics

  • In depth LGBTQ* Terms and Concepts
  • Interactive group work discussing gender identity
  • Discuss misconceptions 
  • Talk through scenarios involving said topics
  • Communicate and apply Best Practices


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