Alex   Brack   MBA’18

Alex Brack MBA’18

Graduate Student, Two-Year MBA

“Babson gives you a broad range of options, so you can choose your own path.”
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Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Graduate Two Year MBA

Why did you choose Babson for your graduate education?

After doing extensive research, I chose Babson because I want to accomplish and have a meaningful impact in the world. Other MBA programs build the standard professional; Babson helps build ones that go beyond. Ones that act and do more than expected, that are never satisfied. I chose Babson because I wanted to think outside the box, become a leader, and truly make an impact.

What are your career goals?

I came to Babson with a plan to move to U.S. and switch industries—before coming to Babson, I worked in private equity and finance. Here, I came to focus on the venture capital and technology industries, helping to find and build the companies that will change our lives in the future. Babson has opened the doors I need. From an academic perspective, I’ve been impressed by the experienced faculty. In every single class, the professor teaches real-life application. From a market perspective, Babson has provided me with access, events, and contacts—resources I need to move forward.

As a Babson student, what do you do when not in class?

I’m one of four MBA students on the Babson Private Equity Committee, responsible for investing 20 percent of the college’s endowment in the private equity arena. This gives me real-life experience learning from the best in the industry while connecting with the top private equity and VC firms in the world.

Outside of that experience, I make the most of my Babson experience by being very involved in clubs. During my first year in the MBA program, I was vice president of the consulting club, director of the marketing club, and a member of several other clubs. I also participated in several investment and case competitions, and volunteer for the Student Leadership Initiative Fund. Now, in my second year of the program, I have less time, but am still being an active member in most of those clubs, but focused my efforts on being director at the Babson Entrepreneurship Forum, a Babson Alumni Ambassador, and preparing for VC competitions.

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

My favorite part is that Babson gives you a broad range of options so you can choose your own path. The practical and real-life application and the need to act is also differential; I haven’t found an MBA student at a different college that is having a similar experience. Last, but the most important, the community and the collaborative sense that Babson has is tremendous—you will need other people to achieve your goals, and, at Babson, you get this, you became part of the club.