Amanda   Iglesia   '09, MS'10

Amanda Iglesia '09, MS'10

Team Development Manager, Customer Support, HubSpot

“I apply the lessons I learned at Babson every day, and it has helped me to take control of my career.”
Hometown Location
Current Location
Florida, United States
Class Year
Undergraduate, Graduate Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL)
Corporate Entrepreneurship

Why I Chose Babson

I chose to come to Babson because while I knew it would be challenging, I also knew I would be well supported. I came from a small high school in Miami, and, when I visited, I really liked the Babson community.

How Babson Impacted My Career Development

The CEO of HubSpot was the guest lecturer in one of my graduate courses. I became very excited about the concept of software as a service, and joined HubSpot shortly after graduation as a technical support associate. Five months later, I was asked to join the consulting team as an inbound marketing consultant, and, a year after that, I joined the marketing team as a product marketing manager. I actually credit my Philosophy professor, Brian Seitz, with helping me to advance so quickly. He taught me the importance of questioning everything. Why do things this way? How can we do things better? I apply the lessons I learned at Babson every day, and it has helped me to take control of my career.

The Classroom Experience

Without question, the Babson faculty was one of the best aspects of both my undergraduate and graduate studies. They challenged me both in and out of the classroom, pushing me to produce solid work. And, they could do that because they regularly brought their real-world experience into our discussions. They put the lessons in context and made the material we were studying incredibly engaging.

What Others Need to Know About Babson

Babson taught me the importance of collaboration. In the real world, your measure of success isn’t your individual grade, it’s driving the overall success of something larger than that, which requires working well with others. Everyone is working toward the same goal. So, when you share information and learn from each other, you reach that goal much faster. Babson made me both a leader and a team player.

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