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Brian   Hickey   ’15

Brian Hickey ’15

Product Manager, Facebook

“You don’t always know where the path will lead you, but the results and the destination make it worthwhile.”
Hometown Location
New York,
Current Location
California, United States
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship

Words That Changed My Life

My parents have always said to me: "To whom much is given, much is required." I always understood this to mean that if you have certain talents, knowledge, or time, you are expected to use those things to benefit others and not just yourself. I try to live by and respect that philosophy.

How I Want To Change The World

My Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship business MixItMug sold self-stirring mugs and donated all proceeds to Engeye Scholars, a nonprofit that I am involved in that is working to support entrepreneurs in rural Uganda.

I’m also trying to make an impact globally and locally in other ways. I am passionate about supporting opportunities in education, business, and healthcare in rural Africa. I had the chance to travel to Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana to continue these efforts and explore sustainable business opportunities for local villagers, including working with a Babson team to teach entrepreneurship to high school students in Ghana. 

What Others Need to Know About Babson

Taking advantage of the diverse opportunities offered by Babson was invaluable to me. There are so many great experiences that come from stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new. You don’t always know where the path will lead you, but the results and the destination make it worthwhile.