Candida   Brush

Candida Brush

Vice Provost, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership; Faculty Research Director, Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship; and Franklin W. Olin Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurship

“Teaching gives me a chance to translate my research into practical and actionable strategies.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Faculty and Staff
Entrepreneurship Education

Why I Teach

Teaching gives me a chance to translate my research into practical and actionable strategies that students can apply in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Words That Changed My Life

“A career is not about what you will be; it’s about what you decide to work on, and how you work. You will be good at anything you decide to pursue because you work hard and deliver.” — Spoken by a career counselor when I was 25 and trying to decide what to be when I grew up.

What the World Needs from Business Today

Recognize that all populations of entrepreneurs can and should contribute to the economies of the world—not just a select few.

What You Need to Know about Babson

We help you to trust your instincts because we believe anything is possible for you!

My Proudest Professional Moment

Receiving an honorary doctorate in business and economics from Jönköping International Business School, and receiving the Global Entrepreneurship Award for outstanding contributions in entrepreneurship research.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Creating or identifying an opportunity, building a team, and acquiring the resources to create something of economic or social value.