Deborah   Disanzo   MBA’88

Deborah Disanzo MBA’88

General Manager, IBM Watson Health™

“If I focus on improving and saving people’s lives, sales and profits will follow.”
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Life Sciences - Healthcare


Words That Changed My Life

“I was dead and now I’m alive. Because of what you do, I get to hug my two young children and smell the flowers in my garden.” These words were spoken to me by a Delta Airlines flight attendant who was saved from cardiac arrest using a defibrillator that I helped bring to market. She confirmed what I’ve always believed: If I focus on improving and saving people’s lives, sales and profits will follow.

How I Want to Change the World

I want to help improve health care delivery all over the world by focusing on access to care and diagnostics, by simplifying the way clinicians do their work, and by finding ways to significantly reduce health care costs. Every society on the planet needs help in these areas. There’s tremendous opportunity to help improve and save lives—and make a real difference.

What the World Needs from Entrepreneurs Today

Courage and execution. Courage to step out from the norm, to take risks, to think big. Then, a firm commitment to execute. Courage without follow-through is nothing. Courage with execution changes the world.

What You Need to Know about Babson

Babson connects thought-provoking, inspirational, and entrepreneurial leaders. Being part of a community of thought leaders is the best way to learn.

My Personal Brand

Inspirational, courageous, tough, focused on results, and personally invested. I put these qualities to good use every day at work, and never lose sight of the fact that there is a patient attached to every one of our solutions, and that patients and their families are counting on us.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is about having the courage, commitment, and focus to make a terrific idea a reality, and genuinely making a difference in this world. For me, entrepreneurship is driven by a strong desire to improve health care delivery with innovative ideas that help improve and save lives.​​​​​