Dinesh   Wadhwani   ’12

Dinesh Wadhwani ’12

Co-Founder and CEO, ThinkLite LLC

“The Babson experience does not compete with any other business school.”
Class Year
Start-up Entrepreneurship

Words That Changed My Life

“Be opportunity-obsessed without thinking about your personal resource restrictions. That is the thought process for creating real value, and identifying real solutions to real problems. Everything else will follow.”


Babson provided me with the most important piece in the puzzle of education: the mindset. One can be as knowledgeable and skilled as can be; however, it takes the entrepreneurial mindset to be able to identify opportunities, and the “hands on” attitude to act on it. If you have the courage to attempt to solve a problem large enough—you are building something far more powerful than just a venture—you are creating value for the world. Babson has educated me on the two ways one could make a living: a) conforming to a standard, or b) being a pioneer of innovation.

What You Need to Know about Babson

The Babson experience does not compete with any other business school. It puts itself in a different league by just doing one thing right: it showsstudents reality.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a way of life that allows us to express ourselves, even if it means being that round peg in a square hole and to color outside the lines. Entrepreneurship is a manifestation of disrespect to the status quo. It cultivates creativity and innovation. Entrepreneurship is the effect of this obsessed attitude toward change and innovation that creates value for the world and pushes the human race forward.​​​​