Jasmine   Li   ’16 MS’17

Jasmine Li ’16 MS’17

Risk Advisor Staff, EY

“At Babson, I really enjoyed the people that I met and the things that I learned connecting with them.”
Hometown Location
New York,
Current Location
New York, United States
Class Year
Undergraduate, Graduate Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Life Sciences - Healthcare, Consulting

Why did you choose Babson for your graduate education?

The Babson Master of Science in Accounting program offered a fast-track way for me to reach my 150 credits to sit for the CPA exam. As a Babson undergrad, it also helped make the process to apply smoother. The courses offered were really helpful for the CPA and also helped with overall concepts and business-related experiences.

As a Babson student, what did you do when not in class?

Even as a graduate student, I was more focused on my undergraduate clubs and activities since my friends were still on campus. I was part of the accounting, archery, culinary, and board game clubs. Otherwise, I would go explore and eat in Boston and experience all of the tourist attractions. I also had an on-campus job at the library.

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

At Babson, I really enjoyed the people that I met and the things that I learned connecting with them. I especially enjoy the small class sizes so it was much easier to ask questions and speak with the professors.

What advice do you have for future Babson students?

Be proactive. College is part of your career and your chance to grow. Ask questions and network even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. Learn to speak with others and listen to what they have to say. You never know when these connections will help you. If you chose to go to Babson, make it the best experience you’ll ever have.