J.B.   Kassarjian

J.B. Kassarjian

Professor of Management at Babson, Management Division, and Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD, Emeritus, in Switzerland Emeritus, in Switzerland

“I know my students will make a difference in the world.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Faculty and Staff
Entrepreneurship Education

Why I Teach

About people and competitive dynamics: because I find the interplay between what drives business and what drives people as infinitely fascinating.

Words That Changed My Life

“All grand strategy has to eventually deteriorate to action!” — Peter Drucker

What the World Needs from Business Today

The kind of leadership that can add true value to society, through the combined efforts of inspired people.

What You Need to Know about Babson

Babson is an elegant setting in which personal initiative grows out of collaborative learning. I know my students will make a difference in the world.

My Proudest Professional Moment

When every single student in my course gave me the highest mark for “The professor makes me think in new ways.”

My Personal Brand

Eclectic seeker of paradox. Sharp eye for emperor’s clothes.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Think big, start small, fail fast, learn, and celebrate.