Jennifer   Chan   Junior Designer,

Jennifer Chan Junior Designer,

Babson College

“I knew Babson was the place for me.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Faculty and Staff
Entrepreneurship Education
Non Profit

Why I joined Babson:

My current supervisor reached out to me about a junior graphic designer position. I was caught off guard that someone had taken an interest in my work and wanted me to join their team. I knew right away that Babson was the place for me.

Why I love Babson:

I am extremely grateful to have landed in this amazing opportunity at Babson within the College Marketing team. Every day I come to work, I’m excited to get things done and happy to see my co-workers again. I cannot fully express my gratitude to my colleagues for being the most supportive, friendly, and welcoming group of people.

My favorite Babson memory:

For the first two weeks of working at Babson, our department celebrated four occasions—a few birthdays and an anniversary. It’s that kind of support and friendship that made me feel so comfortable and at home working at Babson.

My advice to new employees:

No question is too silly. In my experience, Babson has the friendliest and most supportive employees that I have ever met.

Babson culture:

Babson students have this amazing entrepreneurial mindset. They’re extremely driven to help people in new and exciting ways. That vibe from the students influences everyone on campus to be just as entrepreneurial as they are.

How I embrace entrepreneurship:

Being surrounded by Babson students, faculty, and staff helps keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive as I plan for my future. I want to eventually open up my own environmentally friendly coffee shop! My hope is that my business will help make people more aware of how damaging we can be to the world, and how we can become more eco-friendly.