Jim   Duffy

Jim Duffy

Chief Executive Optimist, Entrepreneurial-Spark®

“People leave Babson with a readiness to take action.”
Current Location
United Kingdom
Executive and Enterprise Program
Start-up Entrepreneurship


To create a business startup renaissance in and from Scotland through the development of entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors.


Go Do. I am passionate about encouraging people to go do things, rather than strategizing and planning for months.

Words That Changed My Life

“You cannot do this in Scotland.” (You don’t say that to an entrepreneur.)

What I Love about Babson

Lots of other colleges talk about entrepreneurship ... Babson gets on with it. People leave here with a readiness to take action. Babson creates a state of mind that is highly outcome-driven.


Scotland-based Entrepreneurial-Spark is a hybrid of a business incubator and business accelerator–Hatchery–where startup and early-stage businesses are hot-housed, nurtured, and enabled for up to a year in one of three Hatchery spaces located in Glasgow, Dundonald, and Edinburgh.​