Joe    Lane   MBA’10

Joe Lane MBA’10

President, Ingens Medical, LLC

“Experiences, rather than words, tend to shape my life.”
Class Year
Graduate Blended Learning MBA
Start-up Entrepreneurship
Life Sciences - Healthcare


“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” (credit The Shawshank Redemption). We have one, relatively short life and we should take every opportunity to create a full and meaningful legacy.

Words That Changed My Life

Experiences, rather than words, tend to shape my life. One influential experience was a graduation address presented by Roger Boisjoly. Roger is, perhaps, best known as the Morton Thiokol engineer who objected to the launch of the space shuttle Challenger because of the inherent risks associated with the o-ring design. His messages were clear: Commit oneself to a decision-making process based on ethics, sound risk assessment, and good science and never be fearful of standing up to that which is unjust.

How I Want to Change the World

We raise our kids to be likable, independent, and intelligent. We teach them to do the right thing and to pay their own way. Yet, the business community does not consistently practice these concepts. I hope to propagate these characteristics within the business community through my example.

What the World Needs from Entrepreneurs Today

To keep conventional wisdom at arm’s length and to give back and mentor future entrepreneurs.

What You Need to Know about Babson

Be prepared to observe, learn, and teach. Babson offers every student an opportunity to a “life-targeted education,” an education that enables the student or alum to pursue evolving life goals.

My Proudest Moment in Business

I’m not sure that it’s pride, but I feel a personal sense of validation the first time each of my team’s medical devices is used successfully and helps a patient.

My Personal Brand

Respectful, not fearful.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

It’s an attitude, a persistent willingness to rearrange truths and assumptions in an effort to create value.