Joel   Holland   ’08

Joel Holland ’08

Founder and CEO, VideoBlocks​​

“Where most people assume ‘someone else will do it,’ entrepreneurs take action.”
Current Location
Virginia, United States
Class Year
Start-up Entrepreneurship

What Words Have Changed Your Life?

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” – Thomas Jefferson

How Do You Want to Change the World?

I want to help millions of people achieve self-expression through creativity.

Why Does the World Need More Leaders with an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Entrepreneurs see things differently. They identify problems and come up with creative solutions. Where most people assume someone else will do it or someone else must have thought of this, entrepreneurs take action. And, if that action leads to failure, they get back up and try again. The world needs more leaders with this type of passion, drive, and resiliency. Otherwise, innovation dies and time stands still.

What Is Your Proudest Moment in Business?

My proudest moment in business was when VideoBlocks made the honorable Inc. 500 list for the first time, and we were named the Fourth Fastest Growing Media Company in the U.S. by Inc. magazine.

What Do Others Need to Know about Babson?

Beyond a gorgeous campus and solid curriculum, Babson gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with passionate, purpose-driven people from sunrise to sunset. From first-rate faculty with real world business experience, to a student body that breathes entrepreneurship, you will be inspired to do great things. The people are the power of Babson.

How Do You Define Entrepreneurship?

One day you wake up and realize that you have a burning desire to build something that doesn’t exist. You are confident that you can change the world for the better, and make money as a byproduct of your success. Instead of rolling over and hitting the snooze button in favor the status quo, you take action. You are an entrepreneur.