John   Chartier   ’11

John Chartier ’11

Senior Associate, McKinsey & Company

“The way that we learn about the world is by experiencing it.”
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship
marketing-sales, function-consulting

Words That Changed My Life

“The way that we learn about the world is by experiencing it. It’s about seeing new places, meeting new people, and having new experiences. And by being a traveler, and exploring the world, we learn about ourselves.” — Julie Levinson, Professor of Film, Babson Research Scholar


Babson has presented me with so many opportunities that I never expected to be a part of—from studying abroad in London to getting to participate on a research team that traveled to the Canadian Arctic to study diamond mines—I will be grateful to Babson for the rest of my life for the opportunities, friends, and experiences that it has given me.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is so much more than just starting your own company—it is a way of thinking and looking at the world that’s all about evaluating problems differently. It’s about looking at challenges that others before you might have seen, and then looking at what resources you can take advantage of to come up with a solution that is effective, creative, and innovative.​