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Kazuki   Kawaguchi   MBA’14

Kazuki Kawaguchi MBA’14

Business Development Manager, Amazon Japan

“Babson’s collaborative and supportive culture—with its small but strong community—was ideal for me.”
Current Location
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Consumer Products – Retail

What is your pre-Babson experience?

I attended the Rikkyo University. Previously, I was a business unit manager at Hakuten Co., Ltd.

Why did you choose Babson for your graduate education?

I chose Babson for three reasons. First: entrepreneurship. I was not sure if I would start my business soon, but I felt strongly that entrepreneurship would be very important, even if I were to work for a large organization in Japan. Babson is well known for entrepreneurship, and I wanted to apply its methodology to business in Japan.

Second: culture and class size. I preferred to have a close relationship with classmates, faculty, and staff at a business school, and Babson's collaborative and supportive culture—with its small but strong community—was ideal for me.

Finally, location. I like Boston because it is convenient, easy to connect with smart people, and has many business opportunities.

As a Babson student, what did you do when not in class?

I was director of alumni relationship in GSC, and actively reached out to Babson alumni to create opportunities to give back to Babson and networking with current students and faculties.

What was your favorite part of the Babson student experience?

One of my favorite parts was frequent communication with Babson faculty and staff outside of the classroom, like during one-on-one lunches and home parties, for example.