Lauren   Beitelspacher

Lauren Beitelspacher

Assistant Professor, Marketing

“Students [at Babson] are eager to learn and ask brilliant questions.”
Hometown Location
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Faculty and Staff
Entrepreneurship Education

What piece of advice changed your life?

My family has constantly challenged me to, “Be Brave!” At different moments in my life, being brave has meant different things. Whenever I am faced with a challenge or a tough decision, I hear them in my head, reminding me to, “Be Brave!”

How has being a member of the Babson community helped impact your career?

I am a better teacher now than I was before I came to Babson. The students here are eager to learn and ask brilliant questions. I have really had to challenge myself to be more innovative in the classroom, to find more creative, thoughtful, and realistic teaching opportunities.

Why does the world need more leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Every adventure and challenge has roadblocks. Leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets search for creative solutions to these roadblocks and don’t accept defeat.

What do others need to know about Babson?

The students here are amazing! They are bright, polite, conscientious, and eager to learn. The faculty and staff here are committed to their learning and to their success. It is an honor to teach these amazing students and to have this incredible community as colleagues.