Lauren   Snyder   ’14

Lauren Snyder ’14

Undergraduate Alumna

“Babson [people] possess an innate passion for progress.”
Class Year
Social Entrepreneurship

What You Need to Know about Babson

Babson is full of students and professors who possess an innate passion for progress, creating a supportive community that cultivates the limitless potential of each individual.


I expected college to just be a continuation of my education to be applied later on in the “real world” for a successful career. At Babson, however, learning is tied to actions that make you a successful person now. After just one year at Babson, I have built a strong foundation of skills and a global mindset that are helping me to accomplish all of my goals.

My Personal Brand

Never settling because the best can always be improved upon with opportunity, persistence, and creativity.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

It’s a way of seeking out and acting upon the opportunities that arise in the dynamic world we live in for the sake of both economic and social improvement.​