Lidia   Robles

Lidia Robles

MBA Candidate, EGADE Business School, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

“Business must become sustainable.”
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Executive and Enterprise Program
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I’m a Christian, and that perspective guides my work. You can get things in business by acting unethically, but I really believe that in everything I do, I want God to be proud of me.

What Business Must Do Today

Business must become sustainable. We’re running out of resources and yet we want everything quick ... fast food, fast solutions, fast return on investment. It’s time to slow down, and make sure the generation-long effects of our work are positive.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

You have to make fun in the process of discovering your dreams. I’ve had to step back from an environmental product I was developing for my employer, which was discouraging, but this week I met a woman at Babson with a great idea. I got all excited, the professor got all excited, and we’re going to develop the idea when I return to Mexico. Sometimes, readjusting your dreams is even more fun!