Lily   Wu   ’18

Lily Wu ’18

Undergraduate Student

“Babson has shown me that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and do all different kinds of things.”
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Massachusetts, United States
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Why I Chose Babson

Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved (and still love) looking at the full moon and imagining how amazing it would be to be out in space looking back at Earth. That same spirit of adventure is what drew me to Babson. I never considered myself an entrepreneur before coming here, but Babson has shown me that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and do all different kinds of things.

How Babson Has Impacted My Career Development

My time at Babson has been shaped by the great mentors and friends who have empowered me and exposed me to new ideas. With their help, I want to explore my interests further and combine them into a career I’m really excited about. So, even though I am considering concentrating in Global Business Management and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design (TED), it’s not set in stone—we’ll see where Babson takes me.

My Favorite Babson Experiences

I’m someone who loves new experiences and challenges, and I’ve found both at Babson. Coming in, I received the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) Scholarship, which helped make it possible for me to study at Babson with a close group of CWEL Scholar friends. Through CWEL, I also had the chance to travel to Rwanda, where I was able to teach entrepreneurship to university students, consult for a bakery, and tour different NGOs. I loved the trip, and afterward, it was clear to me that I have a love of traveling, so I conducted an independent research project on Buddhist economics at Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand and studied abroad as part of Babson’s BRIC program in China, Russia, and India.