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Lola   Norman-Salako   ’99

Lola Norman-Salako ’99

Associate Director, Campus and Communication Events

“A good manager hires people who are smarter than themselves.”
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Undergraduate, Faculty and Staff
Entrepreneurship Education
Non Profit

I Joined Babson Because

I really liked the team. I was a Babson student, and everyone at Babson whom I worked with as a student was impressive. So, I was very excited to continue being a part of the Babson community.

My Biggest Challenge

Prior to my role here, I had no experience in higher education or institutional events. I found this role to be both a fascinating challenge and a great opportunity.

What I Love about Babson

There are employees and faculty members from all walks of life. I enjoy talking with people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. We have a truly fascinating workforce.

My Favorite Babson Memory

My public safety interactions as a student.

My Advice for New Babson Employees

Get to know people outside of your department. Everyone is willing to welcome and help guide you. You just need to reach out!

Babson Culture Is

The culture at Babson reminds me of an extended family. It’s small, intimate, and relationship-driven.

How I Embrace the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I try to look for new and different ways to execute and share events every day. Additionally, I am always looking to grow and expose myself to the diverse offerings available within our community.