Melanie   Jordan   ’16

Melanie Jordan ’16

Investment Banking Analyst, Aeris Partners

“Babson prepared me to work hard.”
Hometown Location
Current Location
Massachusetts, United States
Class Year
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Financial Services

Why I Chose Babson

I chose Babson because it focuses on giving its students the tools to gain real work experience both in school and out.

How Babson Prepared Me for My Internships and Career

Emails from the Center for Career Development definitely helped me explore my options for internships. They have a lot of great information in them, and I made sure to take the time to read them over, sort through opportunities, and pursue the right ones. Those emails are how I found out about the General Electric Freshman Discovery Program. I received guidance on my résumé from a career advisor and then applied to the program. It felt good to see my efforts really translate into rewards when I got the internship.

I was shocked at how much I knew simply from my introductory courses; I was way ahead compared to students from other schools. Babson prepared me to work hard, so I knew that the information I lacked I could easily learn on my own.

How Do You Want to Change the World?

My power to change the world lies in my ability to change myself. In every moment, I’m trying to choose thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that are more creative than destructive, more compassionate than condemning, more uplifting than defeating.