Peter   Cohan

Peter Cohan

Visiting Lecturer of Management, Management Division

“I found that people start companies to create a world that they believe ought to come into being.”
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Massachusetts, United States
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Entrepreneurship Education

Why I Teach

Answering that requires an explanation of my two professional passions: strategy and computers.

As a college junior, I decided to pursue a career in consulting; and, in business school, I developed a passion for a branch of economics called Industrial Organization (IO). Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter flipped IO on its side and turned it from a tool to enforce anti-trust law into one that executives could use to sustain superior profitability.

My uncle co-founded Bose with his MIT roommate, and he taught me about electronics when I was 5. I started programming computers at 13. After college and before business school, I studied at MIT and worked at a consulting firm co-founded by five MIT professors that helped companies get business value from computers.

After business school, I worked with Professor Porter’s consulting firm and in 1994 combined my love of strategy and my fascination with computers to start a consulting firm that helps tech companies with strategy.

I teach because I hope that my passion for strategy and my 30 years’ experience will offer students something useful as they leave port to start their careers.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

In my new book, Hungry Start-Up Strategy, I found that people start companies to create a world that they believe ought to come into being. Entrepreneurship is the process of defining the vision for that world and making the six strategic choices required to turn the vision into a profitable business.

What You Need to Know about Babson

Babson is not only the leader in entrepreneurship, but it eats its own dog food. That is, it hires entrepreneurs, and creates an environment in which they can thrive.