Savitha    Sridharan   MBA’14

Savitha Sridharan MBA’14

Founder and CEO, Orora Global Inc.

“At Babson I found the right kind of people who told me to dream more boldly.”
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Class Year
Graduate One Year MBA
Social Entrepreneurship

Why Babson?

I’m an engineer by profession—I used to work as a chip design engineer. In choosing an MBA program, I wanted to combine my passion for social entrepreneurship with my desire to be creative. But, I also wanted to do something sustainable. I applied to many schools, but Babson was the only one that allowed for me to be creative. I knew that I made the right choice within the first five minutes of talking to Len Schlesinger, Babson’s former president.

What impact did Babson have on you?

At Babson, I found the right kind of people who told me to dream more boldly. I was keen on starting a woman-founded energy business. Babson gave me the strength to try something new in that male-dominated industry. Cheryl Kiser, the director of the Lewis Institute, encouraged me to pursue my idea, even when it was only an idea on paper.

Also, Babson nominated me for an award without my knowing, and I ended up winning. It was the AACSB 2016 Influential Leaders award. I was amazed, and now I’m making valuable connections because of that recognition, all thanks to Babson. I don’t think I would survive without the support of Babson.

What motivates you?

I studied at the best engineering college in India, and was one of just two women in a class of 108 students. Eventually I got bored of being the only woman; I realized I had to change it. So, I wanted to start something to bring more opportunities to women.

How do entrepreneurs make the world better?

It’s about building your dream the way you want it. There’s a quote, “If you don’t build your dream, somebody will hire you to build your dream.” I could be working as a woman engineer, but, when I worked in the corporate world, what I was doing day to day wasn’t impacting people’s lives. Now, I’m working with more than 1 million people in a tribal community, and I know that I am making an impact every single day by bringing them light.