Sofia   Hermano

Sofia Hermano

Undergraduate studying International Relations, Fundação Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil

“There’s a lot more inside you than you can actually see.”
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Babson Entrepreneurship Program

Words That Changed My Life

It was 2007, the night before I left for the United States on an exchange program. I was so scared! But my dad said to me, “Go. There’s a lot more inside you than you can actually see.”

What I Get From a Week at Babson

Networking! I’m spending a week at Babson with students, graduates and faculty from all over the world. Building and maintaining that network is the most important thing.


International relations has everything to do with business. Living in another culture gives you an advantage in negotiation, for example. You know what the other side values.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Do

Focus on what I call “the emerging customer.” There’s a new generation of customers globally ... they aren’t always highly educated, but they’re hard-working and they understand the world, and they’re eager to have good things. And, there are millions of them.