How the power of entrepreneurial thought and action (ETA) brings people closer to their life dreams.

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Action Trumps Everything — Creating What You Want In An Uncertain World explains how the power of entrepreneurial thought and action (ETA) – at home and work — brings people closer to their life dreams.

The new book shows the reader how to think like a successful entrepreneur and make the right decisions in an increasingly uncertain and chaotic world.

Len Schlesinger is President of Babson College, the top-ranked business school for entrepreneurship. Charles Kiefer, President of Innovation Associates, has for 30 years used his concept of high-performing teams to help technology organizations increase their innovation successes.


Schlesinger and Kiefer have identified CreAction—a reasoning that blends creating and action— to propel the entrepreneurial thinker forward.

As the essential core of ETA, CreAction has been shown to be highly effective in navigating the unpredictable situations we face every day in our personal and professional worlds.

Action Trumps Everything lays out an action plan with examples to deepen understanding of key concepts. Each chapter also includes takeaway tips to quickly turn readers into confident CreActionists.

Chapter Topics

  • Everyone can do this.
  • CreAction and Predictive Reasoning—which to use when and where?
  • Desire….what do you want to create?
  • Entrepreneurial Action, CreAction and its 4 building blocks.
  • 16 reasons why Action Trumps Thinking.
  • Affordable Loss—pay only what you can afford to lose.
  • CreAction Community—bring other people along who share your vision.
  • Everything including a problem is an asset (if handled correctly).
  • Beyond venturing -- using CreAction everywhere else.
  • How to use CreAction in today’s organizations—a guide for managers.
  • Using CreAction with family and friends.
  • How ETA can make a better world.
  • Authors answer the difficult questions.

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Charles F. Kiefer, Leonard A. Schlesinger, with Paul B. Brown

Black Ink Press 2010

About The Authors

Leonard A. Schlesinger, the 12th president of Babson College, is the former vice chairman and chief operating officer of Limited Brands.

His academic career includes 20 years at Harvard Business School where he served as the George Fisher Baker Jr. Professor of Business Administration. Len is the author or co-author of nine books, including The Value Profit Chain (Free Press), The Service Profit Chain (Free Press) and The Real Heroes of Business . . . and Not a CEO among Them (Doubleday).

Charles Kiefer is president of Innovation Associates, the firm which helped pioneer the body of concepts and methods now called organizational learning that enable large organizations to innovate, and to change from being driven by circumstance and managed through compliance, to being characterized by aspiration and deep commitment.

Today, Charlie helps global companies leverage the human side of their enterprise primarily by working with executives and their teams to improve the quality of their thought.

He worked on the staff of the United States Senate and the administrative staff of MIT.

A long-time contributor to The New York Times, Paul B. Brown is a former writer and editor for Business Week, Financial World, Forbes and Inc. He is the author (or co-author) of numerous best-sellers, including Customers for Life (Doubleday) written with Carl Sewell.

Paul is a contributing editor to both the MIT Sloan Management Review and The Conference Board Review.

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