On April 23rd, a fire broke out at the Byimana School of Sciences dormitory in Rwanda, affecting 300 students, who lost all their belongings

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On April 23rd, a fire broke out at the Byimana School of Sciences dormitory in Rwanda, affecting 300 students, who lost all their belongings. With nowhere to live at the School, students were sent home for two weeks, greatly affecting the students -- especially those preparing for national exams.


Byimana is partner to Babson and the Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center (BREC), which pursues a variety of projects aimed at strengthening the country’s entrepreneurial environment. Babson’s relationship with Byimana started two years ago, when the College connected with Brother Straton, the previous Head Master, to host the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (BELA). The Academy teaches high school students to think creatively, analyze the needs of their communities and to create solutions themselves instead of looking to others to solve their problems or the problems of their communities.
The Babson and BELA networks immediately launched an ultimately successful fundraising campaign, raising $12,000, which provided 300 blankets and mattresses and allowed students to resume studies on May 12th.

Several students returned to school early to assist with the distribution of mattress. Afterward, Brother Alphonse, the current Byimana headmaster, led a ceremony of thanksgiving at the school. One student, representing his peers, expressed his gratitude by sharing a wonderful hand-written note directed to all who donated and helped make the delivery possible. The note concludes: “We thank you for your generosity in the name of all students of Byimana School of Sciences. May God be with you in all your activities.”

“Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the delivery happen and assisting with the fundraiser,” said Haya Alzaid ’12 and Rayshawn Whitford ‘12, the Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center’s Country Directors.

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