Two-day immersive simulation helps students prepare for dangerous driving conditions

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The Babson Auto Group will be hosting a Winter Drive Clinic event sponsored by Toyota on the Babson College campus December 6th and 7th. Hosted in collaboration with AMCI, the winter drive clinic consists of a two-day simulation that focuses on driving in adverse conditions as well as how to properly prepare and react to dangerous winter driving situations.

Staffed with 13 specially-trained onsite crew members from AMCI, the event boasts 7 on-campus sessions throughout the day, each consisting of classroom instruction followed by a simulated drive. Each student will be assigned a staff member to coach them through a variety of driving situations on a controlled winter driving environment created on Babson’s Trim parking lot. These immersive sessions will enable students to utilize their knowledge onto custom-built drive tracks complete with cones, barricades, and artificial snow.

AMCI has worked with automotive manufacturers worldwide for more than 30 years, and has conducted one million consumer test drives with Toyota since 2006 with no incidents. Their staff is hand-picked to meet each program’s criteria, and is specifically trained on each program’s priorities and initiatives to ensure the safety of vehicles and consumers.

"Babson students will have the great opportunity to learn how to drive in hazardous winter conditions thanks to the support received from Toyota, the College, and the SGA.  We are reconstructing hazardous situations and having students slip and slide in a safe but extremely fun environment," said Sebastian Gomez-Puerto, President, Babson Auto Group.

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By Hilary Katulak,, 617-239-4623 | 11/22/2013 08:00