New conduit for research, industry partnerships, and co-curricular experiments in the design of digital experiences and business models

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Babson College faculty have formed the Digital Experience Initiative (dXi)—working collaboratively to partner with organizations undergoing digitalization efforts, conduct research focused on design and innovation with digital technol­ogies, and promote digital Entrepren­eurship of All Kinds® and experimentation with digital technologies.

“We created dXi as a transdis­ciplinary initiative to research digital techn­ologies and their impact on business and society,” said Babson College Assistant Professor of Information Systems Ruben Mancha, Co-Founder of the Initiative. “Our goal is to explore how startups and organizations embrace digital technologies, the influence these technologies have on innovation and strategy, and the social challenges and opportunities they generate.”

This year, dXi has begun partnering with startups, sponsored hackathons, spurred the creation of the Women in Technology Fellows program, and is providing prototyping equipment and mentorship to digital entrepreneurs.

Research interests and expertise among dXi faculty include digitization of products and services, digital ecosystems innovation with digital technologies, team dynamics, innovation skills and workforce readiness, design thinking, strategic management of data, blockchain technology, internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual/mixed reality, and information security.

“The dXi has the potential to transform Babson's engagement with the technology ecosystem in the greater Boston area. This will lead to higher quality experiences for our students, high-quality research for our faculty, and valuable insights for companies,” explains Bala Iyer, Chair of the Technology, Operations, and Information Management Division and incoming Dean of Faculty at Babson College.  

The founding team includes professors Jennifer BaileySinan ErzurumluSebastian FixsonSteven Gordon, Bala Iyer, Ruben Mancha, and Victor Seidel. Those interested in partnering with, or learning more about, the Digital Experience Initiative should email dXi and follow the Initiative on Twitter.

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