Philanthropic Entrepreneurs receive 2014 Social Innovator Award from The Lewis Institute

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Mick Jackson and Razia Jan have received the 2014 Social Innovator Award from The Lewis Institute at Babson College. This annual award acknowledges and celebrates individuals who have set in motion extraordinary social ripples that change lives, transform communities and, in many cases, impact a whole country. Babson President Kerry Healey said, “Their stories and achievements are incredible examples of the power one person committed to social entrepreneurship can have on hundreds of thousands of people around the world.”

Social Innovator award winners Raiza Jan (left) and Mick Jackson (right)

Mick Jackson is the Founder and Chairman of WildHearts, a charity that launches businesses and uses their profits to fund global micro-finance. This pioneering business model and the experience of witnessing how small loans transformed lives led to the development of Micro-Tyco; a business challenge in the United Kingdom designed to help individuals experience the true spirit of entrepreneurship by challenging teams to turn one pound into as many pounds as possible within a 4 week period. Mick Jackson’s work is guided by his belief that when compassion becomes good for business, there will be no more poverty.

Razia Jan is the Founder and Director of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization fostering community-based education for Afghan women, founded on the belief that education is key to positive, peaceful change for current and future generations. Currently, the Foundation’s flagship project is the Zabuli Education Center, a school to provide free education for girls in the Deh’Subz village outside of Kabul. Their commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty through education is creating real and lasting change in a region ravaged by conflict.

The Lewis Institute’s Social Innovator awards recognize the recipients’ inspired and innovative commitment to helping solve important social challenges. Cheryl Kiser, Executive Director, The Lewis Institute & Babson Social Innovation Lab, said “At the Lewis Institute, social innovation is not about breakthrough innovations, but rather, breakthrough interactions. The cultivation of both usual and unusual relationships and the curation of interactions that connect dots in new ways address societal dilemmas more effectively and more sustainably. Both award recipients are masters at creating those relationships, curating new and different interactions, and connecting dots in ways that change lives. They both live the social innovator’s life—a beautiful never-ending journey to make a difference.“

About The Lewis Institute

The Lewis Institute illuminates a path for students, faculty, and corporate partners seeking entry into the field of social innovation. By drawing upon Babson’s core competencies, methodologies, and commitment to creating economic and social value everywhere, we help create unexpected yet fruitful collaborations and design knowledge tools that result in businesses that are socially relevant, successful and impact society in positive ways.

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By Barbara Spies Blair,, 781-239-4621 | 05/08/2014 06:00